veadotube is a program suite meant for digital puppetry (the thing known as vtubing), with the core idea of making tools that are more accessible than the alternatives.

it’s been developed by BELLA! and i – they illustrate and design the app, i design and code it. development began in Unity and recently got ported to a custom engine made in .NET, both to avoid Unity’s predatory practices and to better focus on performance, as the app is most often used alongside other games. the app suite is being developed for Windows, macOS and Linux – we have plans for a mobile port in the future as well :]

currently out is veadotube mini, the small version of the program that focuses on the simplest 2D avatar that you can make with as few images of your character as possible, focusing on the pngtuber crowd. it’s available as a pay-what-you-want app on, and is possibly the most popular pngtuber app?? it currently sits at 1.3 million downloads and you see it everywhere on streaming websites.

we’re slowly developing the full app, which includes veadotube editor, a more complete 2D avatar editor that lets you connect images together and bind them to whatever inputs your computer has access to (mouse, keyboard, webcam, microphone, etc), and veadotube live, the counterpart where you import avatars from either editor or mini and put them together in one big scene.

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