a yellow deer. they're laying down on their belly, hooves holding their head, while looking sassily at the viewer.

hi! i'm luna olmewe (deer/they/she) and i make things such as the ones below:

veadotube mini casual carnival the line why am i a werewolf

i specialise in coding these things but i also illustrate and make 3d models and sometimes i make music too :]

i'm currently working solo on my projects, which include games & tools, primarily veadotube right now. if you like what i do, consider tipping me! <3

past ventures include:

i'm a 25-year-old autistic nonbinary transfem lesbian individual born and living in são paulo, brazil.

a collection of things represented by a circle, a square, a heart, and an arrow pointing left. for a full list of things i've made so far & am currently making, check out my things page :]

the letter A written twice, uppercase and then lowercase. most recent notepad entry: "the deerveloper saga", on 12 june 2022. check out all entries on the notepad page!

a card with a deer head on the center. you can find me elsewhere on the internet (and ways to contact me) on my card page!