prices & examples

3d static character: $40

a low-poly chibi-ish humanoid character doing a nice pose! comes with:

3d rigged & animated character: $55 (any extra emotes: +$10)

a low-poly chibi-ish humanoid character doing a cool emote! the emote shouldn’t be too long. no full dances, just simple loops as seen in the examples. comes with:

contact info & form

do note that commissions are currently closed!!

if you’re interested in a commission, you can leave me a dm on twitter or send an email to:

here’s a list of things i will require:

don’t be afraid to ask if you wanna know something specific like if an idea is too complex or whatnot.

also, if you have anything in mind that doesn’t seem to be included here, but is 3d nonetheless, you can always drop by and ask about it.

terms of service

all prices are in USD. you may only pay through paypal.

don’t send the payment directly! i’ll send you an invoice instead. full payment upfront, right before any work begins (that includes work on the sketch before it’s modeled). when paying for it, you’re automatically agreeing with these terms and with the commission type you chose!

you agree that the final result won’t look exactly like your reference! we’ll be agreeing together upon how it’ll be adapted to that low-poly style (see examples to be sure that’s the kind of style you want).

i reserve the right to turn down any offers, and of course to refund them if they’ve already been paid for.

it can take up to a month for a model to be finished, starting from the day it’s been paid, depending on the current commission queue and real life events as well (i work full-time, which makes waiting times longer). a more precise timeframe can be given to you before payment. i’ll be updating you as i work on it (you can ask for WIPs as well). i’ll make sure to contact you in case of delays.

full refunds are always available during the sketch phase. in case of unexpected delays during the model phase, you have the opportunity to cancel it and get a full refund. refunds after the sketch phase are otherwise unavailable.

when agreed that the model can be made public, i may post it on social media; a full shot and/or a gif after completion, with the possibility of public WIPs as i work on it as well. i may also publicly stream the modeling process. of course, personal information, such as your paypal email, will be kept private.

even when stated that the model should be kept private, i reserve the right to say in public that i’m working on a private commission (in case anyone asks, mostly). in that case, i’ll never say anything else about it; i’ll never mention any names or show anything about the commission itself.

it’s agreed that any personal information of mine (especially during the payment process) will be kept private as well.

commercial use is prohibited unless i explicitely state it otherwise!! (which then it’s negotiable)

will model

won’t model