i'm still organising this page -- right now you can listen to all my audios on tumblr!

scourge family reunion map part

the video above shows the editing progress; check out the final version with audio.

a MAProject part by BELLA!, with me and heckyheckle as backups; i did the 3d and post effects stuff :]

the video above shows some of the progress! the first part is me trying to align the 3d camera to Bella’s animation; the second part has some of the 2d elements aligned with the ground; the third part has most of the final art elements on screen, with background effects; the fourth part is the final version with full colouring and post effects.


the video above shows the editing progress; check out the full short.

back in the second semester of 2020, my roommate and partner BELLA! had a stop-motion assigment for animation college, which is usually done in groups. because of the pandemic, each member of the group was responsible for their own one-minute segment of the video, and it was encouraged that they got help from someone who lived with them. which is why i got here!

we built the scenario with some cardboard, paper, and wire, and put everything together with After Effects, with most wire removal work done in Photoshop. the video above shows Bella’s animatic, their Flipnote sketch for the animated bits, the raw photos we took, and the final result.

i helped shoot it, and because of the amount of times i went “we can fix this in post”, i was morally obligated to tutor Bella in After Effects and work on some of the post effects, in particular all the rotoscoping.