veadotube mini

veadotube mini is a program that lets you create the simplest virtual avatar possible: you add two images of your character, open and closed mouth, and it switches between the two as you talk with your microphone. you can then use it with your streaming software with chroma key.

it’s part of a bigger project, veadotube, a virtual avatar software suite specialised in 2D avatars. as vtubers became more popular, and vtuber software kept being difficult to use, i thought i’d help by creating veadotube.

while i’m working on the full version with webcam tracking, i decided to release this simpler, lightweight version, as even such a simple feature isn’t available for vtubers. it was released on January 2021.

you can download it on! it includes a few default avatars, including tube the deer, all made by bellaexclames.