a yellow deer. they're wearing a tie and holding a suitcase, while running on two hooves.

as for studio work, i worked at ARVORE for 2.5 years, doing virtual reality stuff. my work there ranged from gameplay systems to base systems and internal studio tools for controller input and build systems. (return)


programming work done for ARVORE Immersive Experiences. uncredited, but responsible for the internal build system used throughout the development.

YUKI is an upbeat mix of the bullet-hell and roguelike genres in VR set in a multidimensional anime universe. Enter a kid’s wild imagination and fly by controlling Yuki’s action-figure using your hands. Move your body to dodge bullets and obstacles, while fighting evil forces that want to control the universe, in this challenging game where each defeat is just another step to get closer to victory.

the line

programming work done for ARVORE Immersive Experiences. i was part of the Porting & Accessibility Team, and responsible for all hand tracking features and other Quest-exclusive features.

said Quest version won a Primetime Emmy award in 2020, for Outstanding Innovation in Interactive Media :]

“The Line” is a 15-20 minute interactive story about love and fear of change, allowing you to unlock an enchanted miniature model of two miniature dolls, Pedro and Rosa.

Set within a scale model of 1940s São Paulo, this room-scale experience invites you to pull on knobs and even crawl under the machinery to unfold the story of these figurines who are perfect for each other but reluctant to live out their love.

pixel ripped 1995

programming work done for ARVORE Immersive Experiences. credited as one of the developers along with two other colleagues. reponsible mostly for input & base systems and the internal mocap tool.

Pixel Ripped is back with a brand new nostalgia-fueled virtual reality game-within-a-game, this time in 1995! To save multiple dimensions, our hero Dot recruits the help of David, the best gamer from 1995. Face challenging throwbacks to all your favorite 16-bit and 32-bit classics while surviving the struggles of a typical nine-year-old.