a yellow deer. they're sitting down, looking sassily at the viewer while seemingly talking.

although i started making games early on, they were mostly university projects and game jam entries with friends. the ones here were made more recently as i decided to focus on personal projects. (return)

veadotube mini

a program that lets you create the simplest virtual avatar that follows your voice. you can make it switch between two pictures as you speak with your microphone, add extra pictures for an eye blinking effect, let the avatar move around, add other sets of pictures for different emotions, so on.

it's part of a bigger project, veadotube, a virtual avatar software suite specialised in 2D avatars. veadotube has a core library made in Unity with things like microphone and webcam tracking, image loading, etc, and as i worked on it, i realised it had enough to make a simpler app, which eventually became mini.

the core library itself is supported by a lot of native plugins, two that i made myself and are cross-platform and open-source. these are veadohook, a plugin that listens to mouse & keyboard hotkeys, and veadopic, an image parser written on top of stb_image.

the default avatar is Tube the deer (they/them), designed by bellaexclames, who also made the other avatars included with the app.

casual carnival

a collection of minigames to spend the time, inspired by the ones that used to be shipped with our computers a few years ago. nowadays it's hard to find alternatives, as most are riddled with unethical advertisement, especially on mobile.

the current version is a prototype, so it's really just the basic idea of what casual carnival could be, without any polishing. still, it's fully playable, and you can interact with all 5 characters, and play 4 minigames: SOLITAIRE, REVERSI, SUDOKU and BOLAS BOLAS.