a yellow deer. they're sitting down, napping with a laptop on their legs.

although i've fallen out of it nowadays, game jams happened to be a huge thing for me, as those were the first games that i managed to finish. (return)

why am i a werewolf

a game about not being human.

made during Ludum Dare 45; i did code & audio.


a game about the connection between independence and identity, and how those two themes are present in the reality of LGBT+ people. the game was made to be run on a Game Boy, be it an emulator or the real thing.

made during Women Game Jam 2019; i did audio.


a game about a ghost trying to possess a creature, posing as a Meninu, to try and prove to others that it’s not actually a human.

made during SPJam 2017, with Melancia; i did code (the distortion mechanics, specifically).

a demonstration of the stretch mechanic; with the hand cursor, the white sheet ghost is stretched from its basic form to a different shape.


a little survival game about being a bunny in a tiny, circular planet. grow carrots, craft better tools and try not to get attacked by spiders.

made during Ludum Dare 38; i did code.


a game about a clown, who must fight in order to stay in the ring after a circus attraction went wrong.

made during SPJam 2016, with Melancia; i did art & a little bugfixing. apparently this one won 1st place in the overall category and 2nd in audio at the event!


a game where the player takes requests from clients to build pyramids, and they gotta do it while working with intentionally clumsy mechanics.

made during Ludum Dare 36; i did code.

a demonstration of the rope mechanic; the dog character pulls it, and the pyramid piece rolls as if the rope is extremely elastic.


this one focuses on multiplayer exploration. in it, two players must cooperate in order to navigate through the map and achieve their goals. each one has a different goal, and both should communicate solely through in-game chirping.

made during Global Game Jam 2016, with Melancia; i did code.

the yellow character, with the blue bean on their side.


in this one, you play as a sheep who enters a psychedelic journey and must be careful not to eat too many “sheepnips.”

made during SPJam 2015, with Melancia; i did platforming code & background visuals.

the animation for the sheep character running.