a yellow deer. they're sitting down, holding a 3d cube and staring at it.

although kinda secondary, i also make 3d models, sometimes for other people, sometimes for my own projects. they're all made in blender.

this page uses animated .png files; if all images here look static, it means your browser is probably too old and doesn't support them. (return)


3d model of a piñata with no body, and candies and yellow goo coming out from its neck. the piñata is red, pink and orange, with pink and blue strings. they are smiling at the viewer. the background shows a colourful sharp-shaped explosion. same scene as the previous one, but now animated. the head bobs up and down, with the strings flowing with it. the yellow goo pulsates while the candies spin around.

model of my fursona, gertrude! an experiment with shader nodes. that one's from april 2020.

chibi commissions, feb/2019

a green anthro bear, wearing black square glasses, a ponytail on their hair, a pink t-shirt and black pants. they're dabbing, on a yellow background. an anthro water deer, wearing a dark grey tank top and white shorts. they're looking shyly at the corner while rubbing their arms, on an orange background. a purple anthro horned lizard, wearing a red sweater with a picture of an egg printed on it and black sweatpants. they're dancing waving their arms around, on a yellow background. a grey anthro wolf wearing a flannel shirt and red pants. their ears and tail are yellow-blue-red coloured. they're doing a cute pose, on a red background.

commission batch from 2019. the first one was an experiment and a gift for telstartelstar, to test this 3d style. the other ones are commissions for deerjuices, zombiezard and euphieeuphoria, respectively.

casual gaming animals

a green anthro bird, wearing red glasses, a blue polo, and brown pants. they're standing with their left arm on their waist, on a green background. two anthro siamese cats, both wearing white shirts with red ties and brown pants. they're standing next to each other on a green background. an orange anthro fox, wearing stylish white sunglasses, a pink jacket, a deep blue t-shirt and cyan shorts. they're striking a pose, on a cyan background. a yellow anthro gecko, wearing a purple t-shirt and brown shorts. they're standing on an orange background.

models made for casual carnival back when it was gonna be a 3d game, in 2018. their designs have been revised since then.

bumper carla

an anthro frog, wearing a flower hat and a striped yellow dress. they're waving at the viewer, on a green background. a red anthro bull, wearing a blue polo and cargo pants. they're looking around, on an orange background.

models made for bumper carla, a game concept from back in 2018.


a white anthro rabbit, wearing a pink, purple and blue armor and a sword on their back. they're running around, on a deep blue background. a white anthro rabbit, wearing a pink, purple and blue armor. they're holding a sword, on a deep blue background.

some other models i made over the years. the rabbit ones are based on a character from a game jam entry that didn't get finished.