a yellow deer. they're standing up with their arms open, as if presenting the following page for the viewer.

below is a complete-ish list of things (games, apps, so on) i've made throughout my life. (return)

a preview with two images; one of a cartoon deer screaming on a green background, and another of a yellow anthro dog in front of a wooden shelf in a blue background. games & tools made by myself or with friends

a preview with two images; one in the point-of-view of a pixel art character showing their hands, looking at another character in a pixel world, and another of a wooden miniature dool on a bike, looking over the horizon. games i've made at studios, or "commercial work"

a preview with three images; one with a frog with a sunflower hat, one with a piƱata smiling, and another with a stylish orange fox. 3d modeling, be it commissions or personal work

a preview of a white werewolf character in a garden with bushes, flowers, and a bench. game jam entries, from 2015 to 2019

a preview with two images; one showing a blue cashier character, and another of a llama in a spacesuit and a sad cloud. university projects, most made at Apple Developer Academy

a preview with two images; one showing a cartoon cat screaming on a cliff with flame effects around it, and another of a stop-motion cat character blinking next to the background of a cemetery. video projects i've made with friends