Star Friends is an iOS game developed as part of the Apple Developer Academy program at Senac São Paulo, from March to May 2017. it’s a game about traveling from planet to planet while making friends and dealing with anxiety.

you control a tiny astronaut, from the Star Friends Alliance, visiting planets inhabited with people with different personalities and personal problems. talk to them, hear them, understand them. sometimes it can be a little harder, and you have to break the ice somehow, or you need to understand them better before trying to come up with a conversation.

the game was built around the theme of anxiety, and the characters are written based on different symptoms of Generalised Anxiety Disorder. most of the research was concerned about it, and how to represent that through game mechanics, eventually adopting a “battle” mode inspired by Undertale and employing abstract representations of certain characters.

some technical challenges were faced as well, including finding ways to implement randomly generated dungeons, and controlling the flow of conversations, all in all while adding smooth animations to everything.

in the end, only one planet got written during development, but the game already sets ground as a proof of concept.

the app was programmed with the help of Danilo Mative and Ricardo Suman, and designed by João Rocha. audio made by mindcracked and me. sprites illustrated by me.




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