Roommates was a local multiplayer game for iOS devices developed as the final project for the Apple Developer Academy program at Senac São Paulo, from June to December 2017. it is not available on the store anymore, but you can view its source code here.

every device is treated as the player’s home, and everyone nearby can connect to others’ houses (through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, so no proper internet connection required!) and play minigames together.

there are two games available:

development halted as the program ended, but the ground was set for more games to come, and more customisation options as well. there’s an in-game store for future items, such as clothes, house items, and, of course, minigames.

behind the scenes, the game uses Apple’s Multipeer Connectivity technology to connect devices. in order to use it properly, a strong abstraction was built on top of it, which we fondly called Par; you don’t see the name in-game, but it’s always there doing the hard work, responsible mainly for hosting minigame servers on one device while exchanging information with the others.

i was responsible for the networking features and basic game flow, as well as illustrating and implementing Battle Sheep.


Battle Sheep