Passage is a game jam project made in January 2016 during Global Game Jam 2016. the game was developed in Unity, in the span of 2 days, with a revision released another couple days later.

Passage focuses on multiplayer exploration. in it, two players must synchronise body (player 1, on keyboard) and mind (player 2, on mouse) in order to navigate through the map, achieve their goals, and complete their ritual. each one has a different goal, and both should communicate solely through in-game chirping.

the game includes lots of maps connected with each other and with complex wiring to activate doors and whatnot. a custom tilemap reader was implemented in order to accomodate for that, using Tiled to create such maps.

the game was developed with Melancia, our game jam group. entirely programmed by me.


check the game page out for more details and download links!