Campos In Touch

Campos In Touch is an interactive prototype made in February 2017 during the Tourism and the City workshop, hosted by Senac São Paulo together with KEA and George Brown, in Campos do Jordão. we were tasked to develop digital solutions to encourage tourism in the city.

the team. i'm not in the pic, but at least my laptop is right there in the bottom-left corner. photo courtesy of Antonio Araujo

our solution was an installation consisting of an interactive wall, where moving parts would be done with a projector. the viewer would touch the wall and guide a bird (an ultramarine grosbeak, or azulão) as it flies around and gives information on different tourist spots and local fauna and flora.

a prototype was built using Adobe Animate. the prototype was designed by the entire team and animated by me. we would present it by mimicking the touch on the big screen and clicking on the animation at the same time.

we spent one week in Campos do Jordão researching and getting to know the city and each other. Senac hosted lots of events throughout the week, including a brief tour to most of the tourist spots, hiking, and a trip to a local amusement park.


animation close-ups